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Permanent Make-Up & Paramedical Micropigmentation

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Our Permanent Make-up pigment is the only permanent makeup that are Iron Oxide free. This treatment is used to enhance your Eyes, Lips and Brows. Our pigment line and technique is the only safe pigment in our industry that is safe for our clients including persons that have had Cancer in the past and is the only permanent make up that will last 2 to 7+ years.

Depending on treatment, Paramedical Pigmentation may be covered by your Health Care provider. 

A Consultation is required.

Eyeliner (enhances either top lid or both)

3D Lips (lips look bigger and fuller)

Ombre Brows (Powder look)

Nano Brows (Hair like strokes)

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Paramedical Micropigmentation

Paramedical Micropigmentation is considered may different treatments. 

Areola Reconstruction 

For ladies that have had Mastectomy or Breast Implants we can reconstruct their areola and nipple to give it color if the color is missing or if they are missing the complete areola and nipple we reconstruct one for them to give them a more natural looking appearance. We also work on the scars in the area to reduce the appearance of the scar as well.

Scar Camouflage 

This treatment is for person that have a scar that they would like to coverup. Depending on how raised or deep the scar it, we will work on the area to try to make the scar more level to make the scar more smooth and less noticeable before we will insert pigment to make it less noticeable.

Both treatments may take 4-6 treatments if we are working on any scar tissue, but price will include all sessions.

Consultation is Required and pricing will be done at time of consultation.