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Q. What is Laser hair removal and how does it work?

A. Laser hair removal is a method of permanent hair removal by using a Gentle Yag or diode laser machine. The Gentle Yag and The Motif Vantage, are attracted to the pigment in the hair shaft, just like any other laser/diode. The heat radiates out to the cells in the root sheath and heats them. The heating injures these cells and also lowers tissue impedance. The Motif also has RF energy as well and is released just after the 810nm diode and it gets concentrated to the warm spot, with lowered tissue impedance created by the diode. The RF is synergistically attracted to and injures the bulb directly.

Q. Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

A. You will have 70-95% hair reduction. It is permanent to the hairs papilla that we are able to damage but because there is a possibility of a person going through any kind of a hormone change they may get new hairs growing, but not in the same hair follicle.

Q. Does Laser Hair Removal Work on all hair colours?

A. Laser Hair Removal will work on any hair that has any colour in it. The laser will work on blonde, red, brown and black. The only hairs that it won’t work for is white and very light peach hair that is so light you can barely see it. The Motif Vantage can also be used in special circumstances for finer, lighter hairs, when all the other SpaMedical laser have failed to meet expectations because the RF energy heats the whole area so may even effect the light or white hairs, but keep in mind we there is still no guaranteed for those light or white hairs.

Q. Can laser hair removal be done on all skin types?

A. Yes, The Gentle Yag and the MOTIF vantage can be used safely on all skin types and even the darker skin types.

Q. Why is my skin red and or bumpy after my treatment?

A. This a reaction we want and are looking for. It’s telling us its working. It’s very normal so please don’t worry. Take a cold cloth or a cold pack covered in a cloth and apply it to the area.

Q. Will it hurt?

A. Everyone’s pain tolerance differs from one another’s. You can feel it, lasers and diode feeling are often refer to the feel as an elastic band lightly hitting the skin, but with the Motif you feel the RF current. You can and should feel it, but it should never be unbearable. There are ways that we can make it bearable if you think it’s too much by decreasing the the joules (heat) or RF energy.

Q. How many treatments do I have to get for the hair to be gone? And Why?

A. It takes on average of 6-8 treatments for your hair to be completely gone. Everyone is different as well. It all depends on hair color, skin type, age and any hormonal issues. May take less or may take more. It also depends the settings of the laser as well. If a client has a very low tolerance level and we are needing to turn the machine down it will result more treatments.

To get best result a person will need to come once every 4-6 weeks for the neck, face, underarms and Bikini/Brazilian. For everything under the neck area 6-8 weeks.

In some cases if the hair is light in color then it may take longer for the hair to be gone. Vellus hair (Peach fuzz) or white hairs do not have any color or very little are not guaranteed to be removed with any laser, but with the Motif can be effected as well because of the RF energy heats the whole area and not just the hair and bulb. The reason why it takes several treatments is because each individual hair is in a different cycle from one another. Each hair goes through 3 cycles. There is the Anagen phase which is the growth phase which starts in the Papilla (bulb). The 2nd phase is the Catagen phase. This is the transitional phase where the hair detaches itself from the papilla and then the hair begins to be pushed upward. The 3rd phase is the Telogen phase. This is when the hair has been already detached from the papilla and then the hair is sitting just under the skin waiting to be shed off. We are wanting to catch the hair in the Anagen stage, because the Laser/Diode goes after melanin (color), the hair still needs to be attached to the papilla in order for it to damage the papilla from producing anymore hairs. The other hairs in the other 2 phases will not be effected. This is the reason for having to come once with in the 4-6 week span.

Q. Will I see a difference right away?

A. Yes you will see some difference. With every treatment the density of hair (amount of hair) will be less and less. The hairs will also get thinner and thinner. If you are one to get the 5 o’clock shadow, with every treatment it will lessen. Some has noticed it has gone after the 1st or 2nd treatment, but most will see it after the 3rd-4th.

Q. Can men get these treatments done as well?

A. Yes, most definitely. It is getting more and more popular for men to get laser hair removal done. Not only hair removal but all the other services as well. Men are getting more self-aware and wanting to look and feel young as well.

Q. Why do I have to stop Tanning before I come and get any treatment done?

A. This is very important that all persons understand the importance of not having a fresh tan before or after treatment. The reason for not tanning is that the post complications become higher. There is more of a chance of a burn, hyper or hypo pigmentation. You will see each place where the laser has delivered a pulse and can change color. With the Motif, depending on the severity of tan, you would only have to postpone your treatment 2-4 weeks. Not like other lasers or IPLs it would be 4-6 weeks.

Q. Is there any risk in Laser Hair Removal?

A. With any laser treatment there is always some risks involved. We do try to lower that risk as much as possible but we can not guarantee that they will not happen. Just advise us on your next appointment so we can try to minimize the risks. Some risks are blisters, minor burns, bruising, crusting, oozing(if a blister opens), swelling in the area, hyper/hypo pigmentation, scarring.

Pigment issues resolves itself within 3-6 months, but there is a small chance of it being permanent.

If you get any adverse reactions apply Hydrocortison cream or Polysporin. Only apply Polysporin once the skin has cooled. If you apply it on the skin while it is still hot or warm the petroleum jelly will trap the heat in the skin and can cause a blister.


Q. What is skin rejuvenation?

A. Skin rejuvenation is any treatment that will improve the skins texture, tone, wrinkles, Pigment spots etc. Our spa can achieved a skin rejuvenation through IPL (Light Pulses), Sublative, OxyGeneo and Chemical Peels.

Q. Can you do a skin rejuvenation on all skin types?

A. An IPL can only be used safely on skin type 1-4, but Sublative, OxyGeneo and Chemical Peels can be performed on all skin types. It is because the IPL’s light cannot penetrate the skin deep enough not to cause a burn or hypo or hyper pigmentation.

Q. What is Photorejuvenation and how many treatments do I need?

A. Photorejuvenation is a safe and effective treatment to correct a variety of skin conditions, such as broken capillaries, brown spots, enlarged pores, soft lines, Rosacea, freckles and hyperpigmentation. It is recommended to have at 1-3 treatments 3 weeks apart to get the best results.

Q. Why are my brown spots getting darker after my treatment?

A. This is a good sign. What happens is the light from the IPL penetrates the skin and attacks the brown spots, which are large amounts of melanin, it then acts like lots of little Pac men and breaks the melanin. The broken pieces of color is then discarded through the Lymphatic System.

Q. What is a Chemical Peel?

A. A chemical peel is a chemical exfoliation by the use of Glycolic (GA), Trichloracetic (TCA), and Salicylic acid. The acid is applied to the clean area that is to be treated to help speed up the skins natural shedding process. Salicylic acid is best used for acne prone skin and the reason for this is because the molecules are small enough to go into the hair follicles to get to and through to the acne and kill the bacteria. Glycolic can be used on all skin with no down time. What happens is that the GA will penetrate between the cells to work on the desmosomes, which are like the glue that holds our cells together. The GA will then make the cells uneven and cause the skin to sluff off. The unevenness you cannot see with the naked eye so there is no worries that your skin will look to different at first. But you will notice your skin’s texture will in a few days, it will look more even and smoother. A TCA is a more aggressive peel. You will have at least 5-7 days of down time due to peeling. This peels application is different compared to the others. The TCA when applied will penetrate right through the cell instead of between like a GA or Salicylic. This causes top layers of the cells to dry up and peel off over a period of days. Once the dried skin is peeled off it leaves a smoother texture and more even skin color.

Q. Is a Chemical Safe and can all skin types have a treatment done?

A. With a trained and educated Esthetician or Physician it is perfectly safe. Please do not try it by yourself or have an uneducated person apply it to your skin because there is a very high chance of Post Peel Complications. All skin types can have a peel treatment done.


Q. What is a Sublative treatment?

A. Sublative treatments are done with the elsoPlus machine that used Radio Frequency energy deep into the dermis to stimulate the collagen. When the collagen is stimulated it will start to produce more, then causing the skin to repair itself to make the skin to look younger and firm.

Q. What kind of treatments can it be used for?

A. With sublative it can be used to treat almost any textural to do with the skin. This treatment is most popular to treat mild to moderate wrinkles, skin irregularities, acne scars, stretch marks and surgical scars.

Q. How many treatments do I need?

A. With any treatment it all depend on how your skin condition and how it reacts to the treatment. On average 3-6 treatments are recommended once every 5-6 weeks to get best results. After your treatments the skin will continuously improve for a few months.

Q. Is this procedure permanent?

A. Yes any sublative treatment is permanent, but with anti-aging we can not stop the skin from aging. For anti-aging treatments we recommend a maintenance treatment every 6-12 months after your full treatments are done just to keep the collagen producing.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. The procedure is a bit uncomfortable. It feels like a snap on or small electrical current on the skin during the treatment. During and afterwards you will feel some irritation and heat like the sun beating down on your skin like a bit of a sun burn. If you'd like you can apply a light numbing cream on before your appointment. After treatment we ask you to try not to apply a cold compress on your skin because we want the best end result as possible and the treatment needs the heat to stimulate the fibroblast, elastin and collagen to get those results.

Do not apply lotions or water right after. The skin needs to cool down before applying any ointments because if you apply a cream and ointment some may trap the heat from coming out of the skin and may further irritate the skin or develop a blister and we do not want that. You need to wait minimum of 12 hours before applying any lotions or serums, or washing the face.

Q. Is there any down time?

A. Very little down time is needed. Your skin will be red and slightly swollen after the treatment and will go down with in 24-48 hrs but may take up 1-3 days. With in the first 24 - 72 hours you will get tiny crusted dots through out the treated area but will naturally flake off with in a 3-5 days but may take 7 to 14 days for all the micro-crustings to come off depending on how your skin heals. Keep moisturizer on skin to promote better healing.

Q. Can I use any moisturizer or ointments after the treatment?

A. Nothing on the skin for the first 12 hours then after the 12 hours we recommend to keep the skin well moisturized. We recommend Hyaluronic Acid or Skin Soothing cream. We have these products for retail in the store. If you can not find these products or we do not have them in stock you can use your personal cream at home to apply over the face. Make sure it doesn't have Vitamin C or A in the moisturizer or any Glycolic or Salicylic ingredients, no perfumes or any other irritants. It would be good to do this until the skin if healed so the skin will heal faster.

Q. Can I wear make up afterwards?

A. You can apply make up 12 hrs after the procedure. It needs to be a powder foundation, NOT LIQUID! Make sure you don't use any harsh cleansers or make up removers until the skin is healed. And DO NOT scrub the crusts off when cleansing the face. The Crusts need to naturally come off. When they naturally come off by themselves it means that area is fully healed.

Q. Can everyone one receive this treatment? If not who?

A. Not every client would make an idea candidate. There are contradictions to some health issues and medications. Please refer to Sublative's pre and post Instructions in the more tab above under Pre and Post Instructions. There is a list of contradictions. Some of them may just require a doctors note or just a better understanding of the procedure.

Permanent Make-up (PMU) 

Q. Does it hurt?

A. There is some pain involved. We do apply a topical anesthetic to the area to help. Some the anesthetic works well for most and for others it may not. DO NOT take any pain medications before hand do to the fact that many thin out the blood and will cause the pigment to come out or cause your skin not to clot properly.

Q. How long does it last?

A. The durability of PMU depends on the individuals skin texture, condition and on the skins metabolism. Permanent make-up can last from 3 - 7+ years. Lips is the area that the permanent make-up will fade faster due to the fact that we use our lips everyday and is exposed to lots of different things and there for gets exfoliated more then everywhere else.etc. Some areas last a lot longer.

Q. Why is it called permanent make-up if it doesn't stay for ever?

A. It is called permanent make-up because you do not have to reapply everyday and lasts a very long time. For some the pigment may last longer then the 7 years. Pigments will fade over time, and All depends on the individuals skin texture, condition and on the skins metabolism. . Most clients want that darker color to stay so they will do a maintenance treatment a few years after the initial treatment to keep it up.

Q. Do you need require maintenance treatments?

A. So persons may require a maintenance treatment 2-3 years after their treatment to keep the color dark. All colors fade over time. This is to give it a refresh.

Q. Is there Iron Oxide in the pigments?

A. No. All of our pigments are iron oxide free making the pigments safer for everyone. These pigments will not react to MRI or x-ray equipment which makes that the safest for Breast Cancer clients that would like to do the Areola Reconstruction.

Q. Is there any health conditions or concerns that would make a person ineligible?

A. Yes. If you are Diabetic, on Blood Thinners, have an Autoimmune disease, on Chemotherapy (or any other Cancer treatments), Pregnant or Breastfeeding, using Retin-A or undergoing Peel Treatments or Laser treatments. If you have any of these conditions you will Not be eligible for the treatment due to the fact that your body may take a long time to heal and can not fight infections like a healthy body.

Q. Can I still get the treatment if I get cold sores?

A. Yes. If you are getting your PMU done on your lips and you get cold sores it is recommended to get a prescription from your doctor for a cold sore medication and take 1 week before and 1 week after. Or you may purchase the Herpotherm from our office and apply to any area that you are getting a cold sore. If you receive a cold sore any time after getting a treatment it is very important that you use the Herpotherm or medication due to the fact that a cold sore may cause the pigment to come out in the area affected. DO NOT PICK.

Q. What is Paramedical Micro-pigmentation?

A. Paramedical Micro-pigmentation - there are 2 different types of Paramedical Micro-pigmentation. There is the Areola Reconstruction and Dermal Pigmentation. Areola reconstruction is for persons that have had breast cancer and have undergone a Mastectomy surgery and now their areola is disfigured or there is no longer one. We create an areola for them using our Iron Oxide pigments and using a 3D effect to make it look like they have a nipple as well. This treatment is also done on clients that have had breast implants also and we correct the issue but camouflaging the scar and correcting the areola if it is disfigured by surgery.

Dermal Pigmentation is a treatment for persons that have undergone surgery or have had an accident and now has a scar that is raise or indented. We use either our Sublative treatment or another technique to have the scar level out as much as the skin will allow then we use out iron oxide pigments to camouflage the scar so the color of the scar is more closer to the color of your skin.

Q. Will insurance pay for my treatment?

A. It is best to ask your insurance agency before your consultation or before the treatment. If the treatment is due to having a Mastectomy several insurance companies or the province will cover the treatment. We do not do direct bill. Payment will be done at the office and you will receive a receipt to hand into your insurer to be credited back.

Q. How many treatments will it take?

A. When it comes to Paramedical Micro-pigmentation 1 treatment is all that is to be needed for the pigment portion. When it comes to reducing the appearance of the scar before may take several treatments. This fee is with in the price of the treatment.

Q. How long will the pigment stay in the skin?

A. There are many factors on how fast pigment will fade - sun, elevation, exfoliation, etc. The pigment will stay 3+ years if you look after the pigmented areas.

Q. When can I get an Areola Reconstruction?

A. You want to wait 6 months after your last Chemo or Radiation treatment to receive any treatments. This is so your immune system is completely restored so it is able to heal your injury and less likeness of infection. Also if you are going to be receiving breast implants we would like to do the treatment minimum 3 months after surgery once skin is healed properly. 

OxyGeneo Facials

Q. Who can do the treatment?

A. This treatment is safe for all skin types.

Q. How does it oxygenates my skin?

A. OxyGeneo™ capitalizes on the Bohr Effect that was discovered by Christian Bohr in 1904. The effect indicates that when the CO2 (Carbon dioxide) concentration increases, the hemoglobin releases oxygen from within. The OxyGeneo™ interaction between the capsule and the treatment gel creates abundance of CO2 on the skin that triggers the Bohr Effect that oxygenate the skin naturally. Oxygenating the skin is beneficial in all anti-aging and corrective skin procedures.

Q. What does it feel like?

A. An OxyGeneo™ treatment feels like a massage for the face. The exfoliation is described as very refreshing and comfortable and, because there is no vacuum procedure (like with other facial devices) the overall treatment is more soothing and relaxing. Many clients fall asleep and wake feeling rested and rejuvenated. More sensitive skin type clients may have a warm sensation on the skin during the first part of the treatment.

Q. How does Oxygeneo differ from Microdermabrasion?

A. Micro simply sands the skin and doesn’t have any additional product benefit. Although some / most spas will add product at the end of the treatment in the way of a mask etc. Results are inconstant as some products are better. Product freshness and sterilization can vary greatly from spa to spa. The Geneo infuses enriched product with full anti-aging and whitening benefits. These ingredients are ALWAYS fresh as each treatment gel is vacuum sealed and new for each client providing optimum product freshness.

  • The Geneo exfoliate on wet skin (rather than dry) which makes the treatment easy and pleasant with no skin irritation etc.
  • The Geneo does NOT use any vacuum that may cause vascular lesions and/or damage the skin
  • No hygienic and infection concerns as the capsule that actually does the exfoliation is disposable.
  • The Geneo uses a large area capsule: not only does it make the treatment faster (much faster!) but also more enjoyable.
  • The OxyGeneo oxygenates and infuses ingredients to the skin while the microdermabrasion just sands or scrubs it. It uses and infuses to the skin the ingredients of the treatment gels: Hyaluronic acid, Azelaic acid etc.
  • The treatment is very quiet without the irritating noise of the vacuum pump.
  • As microdermabrasion is irritating, it is very common for a client to experience break outs 4 days post treatment. This is largely due to irritation which causes swelling of the skin and an anaerobic environment develops allowing bacteria to flourish. The Geneo provides superior exfoliation with little irritation thus subsequent breakouts are rare.
  • Altogether, It gives the skin a feel and look like that no microdermabrasion is able to do.

Q. What should I see and expect after a treatment?

A.After the OxyGeneo™ treatment the skin is rich with oxygen and nutrients of the jells, it will look smooth, soft, shiny and radiant. The skin feels fresh, soft and active.

Q.Will Oxygeneo help with pigment issues?

A. Yes. We have a serum that we use during out treatments that will help with hyper-pigmentation issues. Results are permanent. We do recommend wearing Anti-age protectant to prevent the sun from damaging the skin again.

Q. Can I have and OxyGeneo treatment if I have acne?

A. Yes. Because the exfoliation isn’t irritating and because the OxyGeneo™ is a non-vacuum device, you can treat areas of the face affected by simple acne. Consult with your OxyGeneo™ technician about your specific skin concerns.

Q Is there a treatment I can do so i can get faster and Ultimate Results?

A. Yes there is. By combining Sublative, Photorejuvenation and Oxygeneo Treatments, anti-aging treatments you will get faster results. 

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